Student awards & testimonials


Sonata festival:

  • 2016 Moldoveanu, Olivia Haydn - Sonata in B flat major Hob XVI:2, Mvt.2, Largo
  • 2017 Esteban, Nikolle Olivia Haydn - Sonata in G major Hob. XVI:6, Mvt. 3, Adagio

Baroque festival:

  • 2017 Esteban, Nikolle   J.S. Bach - Eng. Suite # 2 BWV 807 Bourree 1 in a minor

Concerto festival winners:

  • 2019 Jewell, Hannah   Mozart - Concerto No. 08 in C, K. 246, Mvt. 2, Andante 2nd place
  • 2019  Esteban, Sam   Shostakovich - Concerto No. 2 in F, Op. 102, Mvt. 2, Andante, 1st place



I am very lucky that I found Olga. I was trying to learn to play the piano by myself and I was feeling that I was going nowhere. Then I saw her advertisement in the local paper and decided to meet her.

I have been her student for more than 4 years. What is amazing about Olga is she does not hesitate to teach the most complicated piece of music  even to a novice like me. One of the pieces I learned from her was the third movement of moonlight sonata by Beethoven.  Somebody told me that it is played by the masters only. But, she taught me in such a way that I did not find that hard to learn it. She emphasizes in technique and teaches how to produce a beautiful sound. She gives all her heart and soul, and she  is always eager and ready to teach you. She has given the joy of music to many of her students. I sincerely think she is the best teacher in this area and I am very grateful to her.

Pradeep Mishra

I recommend Ms. Simonova as a piano teacher. She takes her students’ advancement seriously and has a deep knowledge of music theory and piano technique.  She tailored her instruction to help me achieve my musical goals. I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made under her instruction and am a better musician as a result of her instruction.


Jim Godfrey



Dear Ms. Olga,

    You are an amazing piano teacher! Patrick is so lucky to have you. See how much progress he made. Within the short two years, he is soaring from basic level one to almost advanced level in piano. It's all because of you.  As you can see, he is not afraid of playing challenge music because he says Ms. Olga will make me play beautifully. I love the way you teach kids. You put children's interest first, then work very deep and thorough on a piece of music until they can play to an advanced level. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for all you have done!  

Dahui Zhang


Olga is a supportive and inspirational teacher. Her students not only play correctly but they play musically with phrasing and emotion.


Raelene Wagoner


Olga is a patient yet firm piano teacher.  Both of my children have learned how to play the piano and to add their individual flare to pieces thanks to her.  I would highly recommend her to others not only because of her technical knowledge but because she is able to instill the love of music into the children.

Becka Davis

We just got back from the GUILD judging. I want to tell you that Patrick had a great day. He did very well on both exams. In the morning he had the IMS evaluation. He played one piece (Chopin prelude). The judge said Patrick was EXCELLENT. She said it was very impressive for an 11 year-old to play like that. In the evening he had GUILD. It was a great success. The judge said Patrick was SUPERIOR PLUS which he explained to me as A+. He praised Patrick as one of the best. I want to thank you for all you did with him and share this triumphant with you. I told Patrick he needs to keep working hard to reach a much higher level next year. 
Thanks again for being such a wonderful piano teacher. Have a great memorial day!


Olga is a terrific piano teacher.  She is knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.  I have learned so much about both piano playing and theory while taking lesson from her.  It has been a great experience!

Aneta Large 


I highly recommend Olga for her excellent instruction in piano technique, interpretation, and performance.  She has a broad background in music genres, from Baroque through Contemporary; but yet, she is quite knowledgeable in the detailed application of techniques across this spectrum of music.  I learned so much from Olga -- she taught me to listen to the music and to “see” its interpretation in the way the music was phrased and constructed.   I learned from her how to “perform” the music with an appreciation for its dynamic range and melody.  And, she is always patient – even with adult students who may take more time, care and practice to learn their piano pieces!   Thank you, Olga!


Diane Shook 


Olga has been my piano teacher for the past few years and I have nothing but good things to say about her. I had never played any musical instrument when I started the piano at the age of 58.  I left my first piano teacher to be with Olga and I never regretted the decision. Learning the piano so late in life is very frustrating, and Olga has had the patience and the ability someone of my age. She to adapt her teaching to is creative in her teaching method and if I am still attempting to learn and play the piano today is partly due to her approach. 

Isabelle Halley des Fontaines 






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