Olga’s Piano Studio

                         Studio Policy 2018/2019


Lesson Costs/Events fees


30 min ---$45
45 min ---$65
50 min ---$70
60 min ---$80

- For potential students the initial consultation fee is $35.00 per student. Please note: This is an interview, NOT a lesson. 

- Under special circumstances I offer a limited flexible schedule. The cost of those lessons is $5.00 more. For instance 30 minutes will cost $50.00, 45 min is $70.00…etc. For people on a flexible schedule group lessons are optional and only one event per year is required.

- Group lessons are $45 each, offered at least once a month on a floating schedule depending on teacher and students' availability

- The monthly tuition payment due date is 1st of each month.  Example:  the due date for October is October 1st.  You will get a reminder by email on the 1st of each month.  If tuition is not received by the 10th of the month, on the 11th the late payment fee will be deducted from you activity deposit.   No exceptions including late mail.   If you are running late with your payment you can pay me through the PayPal (see below for details).  Late fee is $40.00.

- Students on a flexible schedule are expected to pay on the same day their lesson is scheduled. If the payment is not received on the same day, this will result in a late fee of $40.

- The Lessons will run from Sept 4, 2018 to June 15, 2019 Each student is expected to attend at least 34 weeks of weekly lessons during this time frame.


2. Rescheduling: 

- NO CANCELLATIONS are allowed for any reason.
- Lessons can only be rescheduled.
Rescheduling for emergency reasons is unlimited.
- Per school year you are allowed FIVE rescheduling for non-emergency reason:

  • 24 hours' notice only.
  • Only ONE rescheduling is allowed with LESS THAN 24 hours’ notice. 

After the above limit is met NO more rescheduling is allowed.  However you can make up your missed lessons by participating in additional group lessons besides the required two.  If you cannot attend group lessons a refund WILL NOT be provided.  The difference in cost of your private lesson and the group lesson WILL NOT be returned.

Rescheduling will be depending on teacher’s availability.  Please be aware that if the agreement for day/time cannot be achieved for rescheduling of the lessons the only option to make up for it would be participating in the group lessons. If this option is not feasible a refund WON'T BE PROVIDED.

EMERGENCY SITUATIONS include the following: (inclement weather, sickness, death in the family, car troubles.   For adult students the emergency situation would include work related assignments). 

The makeup lessons do not have to be scheduled in the same month when the lesson/lessons were missed, however ALL the make up lessons should be done by June 30, 2019.

The teacher reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a lesson. If the teacher needs to cancel/reschedule a lesson, the student has a choice of a makeup or the refund upon request.

Please be aware that any activities (including school activities) that get into conflict with piano are not considered emergency situations.  Any changes in the schedule are limited to the previously stated cancellation/rescheduling policy.

Those students who are on a flexible schedule once the lesson is scheduled should follow the same rescheduling policy.

If you need to be absent for more than a month you can secure your time slot by paying 50% of monthly tuition, otherwise I cannot guarantee that the time slot is going to be still available.

3. Studio Requirements

 Each student must have a piano (acoustic or digital), a metronome, and a special time set aside each day for practice.

  • Piano should be placed away from TV and telephone to provide a quiet atmosphere practice for Solid lesson preparation.   
  • Consistent daily practice is expected of all students. Parents are asked to help reinforce this.
  • Participation in at least 2 group lessons per school year is required for juniors.  Group lessons are not accompanied by parents. For students on a flexible schedule, group lessons are optional.
  • Participation in two events of your choice is required. Example: Spring festival and one Studio recital. For students on a flexible schedule, only one event per year is required. 
  • Participation in the events and group lessons is not required for the adult students (19 and older).

4. Activity Deposit:

A $150 Activity Deposit is due at registration (your first piano lesson or prior to it). The activity deposit is required for everyone (children and adults, no exceptions including flexible schedules).  This deposit will be used for the events, group lessons, and late payment fee during the year and will eliminate the need to pay additional event charges. If the funds are used in full another deposit will be requested. Money not utilized will be refunded when lessons are discontinued or at the end of the school year (whichever comes first).  The breakdown of all the charges can be provided if requested. The fees for two group lessons will be deducted from your activity deposit REGARDLESS of the student’s attendance.  During the school year there will be enough group lessons provided so everyone would have a chance to participate.

5. Lateness:

It is the student’s responsibility to show up on time to their lessons.  The teacher is not obligated to make up for the missed time.  Students who are late to their lessons will be taught for their remaining lesson time of that appointment.


6.  Termination:

Two week notices should be provided

7. Group lessons for adults and children:


At my discretion, I may hold group sessions on the schedule that might fit my schedule and students availability. Group lessons will be between 1.5 to 2 hours and are treated as additional sessions to regular private lessons.   These lessons are designed to offer technique, music history, music literature, and performance opportunities in a non-threatening setting. Group lessons can provide make up time for lessons that you have missed.

Here are some topics of the group lessons (but not limited to)


  • Great composers
  • History of music from Bach to Rock
  • Music literature
  • Orchestra instruments
  • Music theory
  • Simple improvisation
  • Memorization
  • Ear training and rhythm
  • How to prevent muscle tension when playing piano
  • What is the key to the successful  practicing, performing,  memorizing
  • The learning process will be supported with video and audio material, fun computer games, and quizzes

8. Performing opportunities

There are many music activities available through various music organizations in our area.  

If parents are interested in having their students prepared for those activities (non-competitive festivals or competitions) please advise me early in the fall so the appropriate music can be studied

9. Recitals

Studio recitals will be held 2 times a year, based on facility availability. Dress code for recitals will require girls to wear skirts or dresses.   Young men should wear dress slacks and a nice shirt. Jacket and tie are welcome. Sneakers or sport shoes are not acceptable.  Girls must have recital shoes with low heels.


10. Calendar of Events (2018/2019) and Holidays 

  • September 4th:  Lessons start
  • November: Thanksgiving holiday dates: Nov 22-25
  • December-January : Christmas break  dates: Dec 23 –Jan  1
  • Studio Recital: Feb, 10, 2019, 12pm to 2 pm       Location:  Jordan Kitt’s Music, 8500 Lee Hwy  Fairfax, VA 22031
  • Piano Concerto Festival:                                         Grade K-3: Saturday, March 2, 2019, Location:  Woman's Club of Arlington, 700 S. Buchanan Street , Arlington VA 22204.                                               Grade 4-12: Friday-Sunday, March 8-10, 2019, Location: Woman's Club of Arlington, 700 S. Buchanan Street, Arlington, VA 22204 and Jordan Kitts Music, 8500 Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22031    
  • Baroque Festival Apr 6, 2019                                        Location: Falls Church Episcopal Church, 115 E. Fairfax Street, Falls Church, VA 22046,                Honor’s Recital April 13, 2019 Location: TBA
  • Spring Festival,  March 29-30, 2019                                Location: Robert Frost Middle School, 4101 Pickett Rd., Fairfax, VA, 22032 
  • April: Mary Smart Competition TBA
  • Late April, early May: Guild auditions TBA
  • Achievement Award Competition, May 4th 2019, Location: Jordan Kitt's Music 8500 Lee Hwy, Fairfax VA, 22031 and Woman's Club of Arlington, 700 S. Buchanan St, Arlington VA 22204
  • Piano Ensemble Competition & Festival, Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5th, 2019                                           Location: First Christian Church, 6165 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22044
  • Sonata Festival May 19, 2019, All day,                Location: George Mason University.                          Julie and David Slingerland Honors Recital  May 26, 2019, 2:00-3:30pm and 4:00 -5:30pm and 6:00-7:30pm                                                         Location:  George Mason University
  • June: Studio Recital TBA
  • June 15: lessons end
  • June 15-30: group lessons/camps and make up lessons
11. Parking 
  • Parking can be in any spot within the complex which is not marked “RESERVED”.


12. Involvement of Parents or Guardians


  • The adult's most important role is to listen to the student with encouragement and enthusiasm. I recommended that parents or guardians sit down with the student at least once a week to see that all assignments are practiced and to offer support.
  • Parents or guardians should provide a well-tuned piano (at least once a year), a metronome, and a quiet place to practice.
  • The parent's or guardian's responsibilities include bringing the student to lessons on time, and picking them up on
  • Parents are encouraged to call me if there are any concerns or questions. It is my goal to give your child a positive learning experience in a supportive and musical environment.

13. Practice Expectations

Students are responsible for practicing their full assignment and preparing the lesson that has been assigned to them. Students must also remember to bring the following materials to lessons:

  • The Assignment Notebook
  • Double-pocket folder for handouts
  • All books currently in use

 Guidelines to facilitate effective practicing:

  • Maintain practice time at a daily minimum arranged with me.
  • Give practice time the same priority as homework.
  • Schedule practice at a regular time every day.
  • When desired, break practicing into smaller sessions to help maintain concentration.
  • When practicing, avoid distractions such as television, pets, visitors, phones, or interruptions for chores 

14. Contact Information

Calls can be made 10am - 8:00pm to 571-239-7488, please leave me a message if I do not answer or I can be reached by email:

Make all checks payable to “Olga Simonova”. If paying via PAYPAL please consult me before doing so.


At what age is the best to start piano lessons?
It depends on your child’s personal development.  However, presently I am only accepting students starting at age 8 and older with previous piano experience. If your child is younger I recommend you find a teacher who is experienced working with younger children.

Do you teach adults?
Yes, I am very interested in teaching adult students.

What are your methods?

I do not follow strictly any particular methods of the method books.  However, having a classical musical background influences my teaching style.  I can teach playing any style of music except for the jazz improvisation.   

Do you teach music theory?

Yes, it’s a part of every lesson.

Do your students participate in recitals, festivals, and competitions? If so, are there any extra charges?

Yes, I provide them the opportunity to participate in two yearly recitals of my studio as well as the activities that are supported by Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association and the National Guild of Piano Teachers (Guild Auditions). 

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association and National Guild of Piano Teachers (Guild Auditions) have fees which vary depending on the event. I also charge a fee for my studio recitals.


How long is the lesson?
30 min once a week is the minimum requirement, but if you would like it to be longer and more frequent it can be arranged.

Do you conduct trial lessons and is there charge for it?
Yes, you can start with an initial trial lesson or series of lessons for up to a month (which I would prefer before getting into a regular monthly schedule). Prices for trial lessons are the same as regular lessons (see above).

Do you provide a discount for siblings?
I charge for combined time, not individually.

Can we meet you for an interview?
Yes, I can meet you for an initial consultation for which I charge $35.00.

Do you provide books and other teaching materials?
All the books and teaching materials you purchase yourself and they are not included in the monthly charges. I do have a digital music sheet library which you are welcome to use.

Are you closed during the inclement weather days when schools are closed?

No, I am working.  If you decide not to come, the lesson has to be rescheduled. It is your decision for having lessons on those days, however you still need to contact me and let me know if you are not coming otherwise I will assume you are coming.

Do you conduct lessons in Russian or English or both?
I can teach in both languages.

Do you know any good piano tuners?
Yes, I do. His contact info is as follows:
Rick Normoyle, 301-972-8080,301-928-1349,




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